How to Copy PS3 Games to Hard Disk With Ease – How To Guide

Wondering How to Copy PS3 Games to Hard Drive and keep your original and expensive high-end video gaming CD in safe custody? Incessant using of PS3 games can corrupt the CD easily.

If you use the PS3 games from the hard disk and run only the backup CD to run the game, you would be able to keep the original CD safe.

What are the Necessary Tools to Copy PS3 Games to Hard Drive?

To copy PS3 game files you must have a special software application to overrule the anti-hacking and copy protection option available on PS3. Apart from this copying tool, you would also require a Blu-Ray disc to read the files that would allow you to run the PS3 game once it is copied to the hard drive.

How to Copy PS3 Gaming Files to Hard Drive?

You need to perform some basic steps to install the copying application to the PC and finally, copy the gaming files to the hard drive. The steps include:

  • Download an effective copying software tool and install the same to the PC
  • Insert the original PS3 game CD
  • Click Decrypt option from the ISO sub-menu
  • Click Copy option to copy the files after the files are decrypted.
  • Place blank Blu-ray disc.
  • Click Write option and write the CD.

And, you would now be able to play the PS3 game from hard disk and keep the original away safely.

Download an Effective Software Tool to Copy PS3 Files from a Game CD to Hard Disk

If you want to watch PS3 games from your hard disk without any distortion and interruption, it is strongly recommended that you use a detailed specialized copying software program to copy the files completely without any hassle

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You can take backup copies of various types of PS3 games from a single copying utility. This would save you the cost of from running the PS3 games directly from the net.

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