How To Copy PS3 Games In Minutes – How To Guide

PlayStation 3 games are very popular so a lot of people want to know How To Copy PS3 Games conveniently. In fact, these games are highly in demand and many individuals would like to save a backup copy of these games to make sure that the original disks wouldn’t be scratched.However, this also means that information that will learn you how to copy PS3 games is necessary.

How To Copy PS3 Games With A Modchip

There are two ways to make a copy of the original version of a game. One way is to install a modchip. This is very familiar since it is the traditional way to create game backups. Using this tool will allow you to circumvent the security measures that prevent you from making copies of the game.

The modchip modifies the console and the BIOS of your computer to enable you to create copies of the game that you want to have. However, there are serious consequences that you will be facing such as getting banned from the online services that are being offered by Microsoft.

How To Copy PS3 Games Using The Software

Modchips are not the only option that is open to you if you want to create a backup. In fact, it would be more expedient to use the software that can copy games. This is more convenient since no console modifications are necessary and of course, you wouldn’t need to buy a modchip just to create dummies of the original game.

Copying Games Without Hassles With A Software

If you want to know how to copy PS3 games instantly, the software option is the best. With the software, there will be no need to revise the console and the BIOS of your computer.

So, how to copy PS3 games with the software? With these five easy steps, you can do the job done in a jiffy:

1.      Download the software program that can copy PS3 games.

2.      Place the original PS3 game copy that you want to duplicate in the DVD drive.

3.      Save a copy of that game on the hard drive of your computer, the game copying software can make the duplication process easy for you.

4.      Take out the original PS3 game disk and replace it with an empty DVD.

5.      Burn the backup files in your hard drive to the empty DVD.

Modchip Vs. Copy Software – What Works Best?

There are pros and cons that are present in each option; however, as to convenience, price, accessibility and security, it would be better to use the option that makes use of the software.

Using the software simplifies the backup process so you don’t have to be a pro to make use of this alternative. Hence, opting for the software over the modchip option is highly recommended.

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Making a copy of your favorite PS3 game is important and there two options that are available to you, using a modchip or the copy software; nonetheless, the software is better because it is more beneficial and convenient.

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